A Game about a Flame


“Flame is an emotional 3d Sidescroller, where we take the role of a little girl living in a world full of darkness. The only thing that can protect her from the darkness is her flame. So she will take the flame through her journey trying to fight the darkness with the help of her flame.”

You are waking up in a world full of Darkness.

It is calling you from a distance, trying to lure you closer.

Only to then swallow you and suck all life out of you.

A silent flickering is interrupting the persistent calls.

The light warmth is surrounding you, banishing the cold.

A bright shine is dissolving the Darkness, the creepy sounds, and the unbearable cold.

Now you are only concentrating on the warm feeling that rushes through your whole body.

You want to see where this warm feeling is coming from.

You get up and see a small campfire, barely burning.

But still, you feel like you will be safe here.

This is where your journey begins . . . 


The game is about how to stay hopeful when everything around you seems hopeless and dark. Sometimes the right choice has more difficulties, but in the end it will be worth it. It is the only way to spread the light and give hope to those around you.


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