Soul Drifter

Soul Drifter is an atmospheric first-person adventure game in which we play a soul that has fallen out of heaven into a strange world. On the way to escape from this world, we must save other fallen souls from machines that feed on their soul energy.

With every soul that we save, we become stronger and one step closer to our escape.


As an fallen soul out of heaven, gliding is our most important ability in the game.

At the beginning of the game we can only glide a little bit, in contrast to the end of the game where we can glide freely through the world.


The stronger we get in the game, the more abilitys we are able to use to maneuver this dangerous world.

Rescuing other Souls

Our main goal is it to rescue other souls from mashines that are powered by their soul-energy.

With every soul we save, we get stronger.