Our Mission

We are VISIONKEEPER Studio, a Berlin based Indie Game Developer. We founded our studio to pursue our dream of delivering unique and atmospheric games. We want to touch people emotionally and inspire them. We want to make powerful games with a strong message.


Käthe Keller


She is one of the founders of Visionkeeper UG. Her goal is to create unique emotional games. 
She is mostly responsible for Concept Art and 3D Assets. 
In her free time she is a passionate painter.


Samir Riecke


He is one of the founders of Visionkeeper UG. He is mostly responsible for the Lighting, Atmosphere and 3D Assets.
In his free time he loves to ride his bike.


Adam Wankowski

Occasional Tech Artist

He helps us with amazing Effects and Shaders when he can. Also he is responsible for the first prototype of Flame.


Justin Ptak


He is our Programmer. We're very happy that he joined us this year. 
He loves to make Pixel-Art in his sparetime.